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Director: Francesca Scorsese

Seen at SXSW '22
Genre: Horror

"When a 10-year-old girl is forced to spend the weekend with her older sister, she becomes drawn to a pendant, and the night takes a deadly turn."


Crimson Ties is the directorial debut of legendary director Martin Scorsese’ daughter, Francesca Scorsese and with such a strong legacy to live up to - horror may not have been the way to go. The short is mercilessly manic, nonsensical and takes on the idea of what if the bizarre directorial style of Harmony Korine translated to horror. It’s one of those times where maybe something was lost in translation. However with the harsh editing style from Rafael Souza, a lack of coherency with the cinematography from Samuel Wright Smith and unclear visuals effects from Sam Schrag, this 8-minute short fails to execute in every instance. The “deadly turn” advertised is a brief, hard to follow narrative that is never fleshed out in any sort of satisfying fashion.

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