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Director: Jonathan Ignatius Green.

Runtime: 90 minutes.
Release Date: 03/09/24 [Festival Run] 

[Seen for SXSW 2024]

"Two people got kidnapped. One man lost his dick. No-one got any money. This heist-gone-horribly-wrong led one Newport Beach detective on an international manhunt for the most twisted criminal he'd ever hunted."


Jonathan Ignatius Green's Dickweed plunges into the dark depths of its true crime story with a boldness that mirrors its provocative title, crafting a narrative that is both unflinching and detailed. The film distinguishes itself with the remarkable cinematography of Skyler Bocciolatt and Ben Joyner, which departs from traditional archival footage in favor of a dynamic blend of interviews and reenactments. This method not only captures the viewer's interest with its striking neo-noir aesthetic but also ensures that the unfolding story, filled with unexpected twists and unsettling revelations, remains engaging throughout.


Structured like an in-depth police procedural, the documentary focuses on interviews with pivotal figures, including the District Attorney and the lead detective. The strategic use of reenactments, coupled with the exceptional cinematography, provides intensity and depth, making the complex story both accessible and engaging. Furthermore, the genuine performances by actors in these segments add a layer of authenticity, deepening the viewer's connection to the events depicted.


Dickweed distinguishes itself within the crowded true crime genre by keeping the audience engrossed well beyond the shocking initial crime. The film delves into the case's intricacies with clarity and thoroughness, making a concerted effort to steer clear of bias. This consistent engagement is a testament to the film’s coherent narrative and Green’s skillful direction.


Jonathan Ignatius Green's Dickweed confronts the grim realities of its subject matter head-on, exemplifying the power of honest and raw storytelling in the true crime documentary genre. The blend of insightful narrative, top-tier cinematography, and strong performances ensures that the documentary maintains the viewer's attention from start to finish. Dickweed is more than just a documentary; it is a deep dive into unsettling human experiences, ready to leave a significant mark on its audience.



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