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Release Date: 11/03/23 [Apple TV+]
Genre: Drama. Romance. SciFi. 

Studio: Apple Original Films.

"Anna and Ryan have found true love, and it's proven by a controversial new technology. There's just one problem, as Anna still isn't sure. Then she takes a position at a love testing institute and meets Amir." 


Can you imagine how easy relationships would be if you could just take a test to confirm your compatibility? No more breakups! No divorce! Love for all! In Fingernails, they seem to have figured this out. Couples take a test, yes—by using a removed fingernail, to confirm their compatibility. If the test results in 100% then you’re “positive” and confirmed that both people are in love with their counterpart. If the test results in 50% then only one person is in love, however, you don’t know which person.


 Also, I know you are still thinking about the fingernail thing and wondering why I just glossed over it. Yea, it’s as weird and painful as it sounds. Maybe it’s a symbolic “giving a piece of yourself” to someone you’re in a relationship with? I wish I had a better explanation. 


Anna (Jesse Buckley) and her confirmed 100% positive boyfriend, Ryan (Jeremy Allen White), seem to be in a complacent place in their relationship. Anna starts to question things when she meets Amir (Riz Ahmed). Amir works at the Love Institute, a place where researchers and instructors conduct experiments for couples to strengthen their bonds prior to taking the fingernail test. Anna shadows Amir as she enters on the job and clearly they have a mutual connection and fondness. Anna also keeps the news of this new job from Ryan, not telling him where she works now, so he thinks she is still a teacher at an elementary school. I know you see where this is going, so I won’t spoil anything and I’ll leave it to you to watch and see if she figures out if she is compatible with Amir or not. 


Unfortunately for me, this minimal suspense was the only thing that kept me watching—who will Anna end up with? Not even this strong cast of some of my most adored actors currently working could hold this plot to be anything exciting. A few dry humor moments landed but this was otherwise completely flat and kinda disappointing. 

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