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Release Date: 06/04/22 (LALIFF)

Genre: Drama

Studio: Nouvelle Entertainment / The Blended Future Project 


"Written and directed by Evelyn Lorena, with the support of the LALIFF and Netflix Fellowship, ‘Gabriela’ follows a young undocumented Guatemalan woman, Gabriela, who is drawn to a Country Club pool. Set in the summer after high-school graduation in North Carolina, Gabriela dreams of swimming competitively, but her determination is curtailed by her over-protective mother, social propriety, and her own self-judgment. Meanwhile, a budding romance with her neighbor Stefan provides moments of solace and joy for which she yearns. As she navigates these inner and outer conflicts, Gabriela begins to find her strength through self-acceptance."


Gabriela is a heavy 30-minute short film about a young woman finding peace with who she is on the inside and the outside. Discovering late in life she is an undocumented woman living in the United States, Gabriela searches for her own path to afford college. Seemingly finding some tranquility in her swimming, she dives head first with ambitions of competing for a $5,000 prize that she will never be eligible to receive. When her hopes appear to be sinking around her, she must find a way to love herself and refuse to acknowledge the naysayers.


Director Evelyn Lorena delivers a heartfelt message about finding strength in your own self-acceptance. Utilizing actual locations to film, Gabriela holds an authentic tone that will cause viewers to ponder the serious actuality of Gabriella‘s circumstances.

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