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Neil Berkeley [Director]

Kevin Healey + Luke Kelley Clyne [Producers]

Atsuko Okatsuka + Gary Gulman + London Hughes [Stars]

[Recorded for TRIBECA 2024]

Cinefied's Cassie Hager and Dempsey Pillot were in attendance for our FIRST WORLD PREMIERE / RED CARPET EVER and it just so happened to be for a beautiful film, Group Therapy.


The plot synopsis is as follows:

"A Hartbeat film, the comedy-forward documentary is hosted by Tony and Emmy award-winning performer, Neil Patrick Harris, and features Tig Notaro, Nicole Byer, Mike Birbiglia, London Hughes, Gary Gulman, and Atsuko Okatsuka, as they bravely share the intricate connections between their professional and mental health journeys. Through candid group dialogues, personal confessions, and archival stand-up footage, the film offers a revelatory, emotional, and hilarious exploration into various critical conversations about mental health in our culture today."


The film  as a part of the 2024 Tribeca Festival, so be sure to look out for a wider release soon!

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