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HALO (2024)

Season Two 

Aired On: Paramount+.

Release Date: 02/08/24.
Action. Adventure. Drama. SciFi.

"With the galaxy on the brink of destruction, Master Chief John-117 leads his team of Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant."


A fully suited Master Chief returns to the frontlines in Halo season 2, while John solidifies he’s a legend even without the armor. 


Season 2 of Halo takes a minor leap into the future from where season one left off, causing a bit of immediate frustration to set in. This is offset quickly once it becomes clear within the opening shot that Cortana has been removed from the Master Chief and then followed by an immersive action scene to launch the season with a bang. 


The new season replaces Dr. Halsey with a new manipulative villain at the command of the Spartans and relays the grim reality to come for our returning heroes. As the Silver team Spartans have removed their pellets, the pain has begun to overwhelm them mentally and physically. It’s a smart move for the series to display that these heroes are in fact mortal beings and just as before, the threat arrives, yet this time the fight is at humanity's doorstep. 


While taking steps in a fascinating direction for several characters, the complete disappearance of one massively important character from season one is an unorthodox move. Along with a majority of the cast, Cortana returns briefly, but her established relationship with John by the season one finale is severely missed here. 


Three episodes in and the action, when depicted, is prominently coated in darkness, allowing weaponry like the plasma sword to light up the chaos. That all changes in episode 4, the first episode to truly depict a fully realized battle through the eyes of civilians, marines and the Spartans. After a relatively slow build to the fourth episode, Halo goes full force into combat with actual stakes involved. 


The series retains its signature dark tone with a solid sci-fi tale constructed around the general themes of the games. All the while bringing humanity (both the positive and evil) to the world of Halo beyond what we already know.  

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