When Manhattan DA Lauren’s father dies unexpectedly, she receives an inheritance she could never have expected. When my dad died, he left me his iPhone. After watching this, I think I lucked out.



There are some wonderful visual shots within the film, especially anything involving the bunker hatch. A particular standout sequence is when Lauren (Lily Collins) starts to unravel, and there’s a beautiful Lady Macbeth style montage. It’s unfortunate that these different pieces do not cover the length of the film because whilst there are periods of brilliance, Inheritance fails to create any real tension until the final scenes, and instead feels lackluster and detached.


Considering the central premise of the film, the plot isn’t too ridiculous. It’s unclear whether the lack of tension lies perhaps within the script rather than in the direction, but for the most part it’s an easy to follow but still engaging mystery. There’s a little too much backstory – did Lauren need a family, and did we need quite so much of brother Chase Crawford’s political campaign? I also question where this family home outside of Manhattan was, because they seem to be able to travel around VERY quickly.


Lily Collins gives a strong performance in the lead role, and whilst her youthful looks may throw you off to begin with, moments like the hand washing sequence mentioned earlier are where she really shines, and she continues to be a dependable actress. Despite Collins being the lead, the main thing most people will be talking about when it comes to Inheritance is Simon Pegg.

It’s difficult to know what about Pegg’s performance holds the film's key tension back – or if it’s even the performance itself. Pegg does serious pretty well, and his accent is brilliant. So is it just that he brings too much baggage to the role as a recognisable face? Or perhaps it’s the fact he’s wearing the worst wig since Kate Mara’s in Fantastic Four. It feels cruel to say that the role may have been more convincing in the hands of a lesser known actor, but his face combined with the wig just had me expecting a joke to come out at any point.

Also… I need the scriptwriter to explain the relevance of key lime pie to me ASAP. I need closure.



A classy use of your typical thriller-esque score, it helps to build tension in key scenes… or at least let us know where we’re meant to be feeling tension.


The bunker looks brilliant, Collins’ outfits are pure uptight Manhattan lawyer, and the shoes are both fabulous and completely impractical. Pegg’s shabby demeanor is okay. But the wig. The wig is just SO bad. When it changes up in the third act, it’s a physical relief. But that wig steals Pegg’s performance from him and he’s owed an apology.

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 Published: 05.20.20

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Clare Brunton

Edited By McKayla Hockett

      RELEASE: 05.22.20

           MPAA: NR

                  Genre: Drama. Mystery. Thriller.

                                                                                                                                                                           "The lack of tension holds it back from being anything spectacular..."  

Inheritance isn’t a bad film, it’s just not great. The lack of tension holds it back from being anything spectacular, and too much of the premise is given away in the trailer. It’ll be interesting to see if we get more serious roles from Pegg after this. Whatever happens, I hope to never see that wig again.






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Inheritance (2020) REVIEW