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Director: Camille Wormser

Release Date: Slamdance '23
Genre: Comedy

"A peek inside the whimsical and absurd mind of Mel, a woman with severe OCD who just wants to do something new with her day."


Camille Wormser does something fun and unique with her new short film Just Right. Written, directed, and starring Wormser, Just Right is at its purest, a simple beat-the-clock story. Mel needs to meet her friends for an unplanned day of unstructured fun. But Mel, you see, fights with severe OCD. “Unplanned” and “unstructured” are big no-can-dos in the OCD vocabulary. Yet Mel wants to join her friends, debilitating disorder be damned. 


Wormser’s story is one of mirth and crazed frenzy. She playfully shows the insanity that Mel faces. She cannot walk down the street in a direct line. She has to constantly practice what to say to the barista to order a latte. Her bedroom is an explosion of overturned clothing. Wormser cleverly educates the audience in the extreme thought process it takes to make it through a morning that so many others take for granted. And she does it all with a smile never once plying guilt on the viewer. 

Through it all, Mel is a joy to watch. Just Right is not a “woe is me” documentary. Instead, Wormser, who also deals with OCD, has a positive outlook. And she successfully uses humor to spotlight her daily challenges.

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