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Release Date: 10
/08/23 [Max] 

Genre: Crime. Mystery.

"Nestled deep in the Australian Outback is the town of Larrimah and its 11 eccentric residents. When one of them mysteriously disappears into thin air, the remaining residents become suspects and a long history of infighting is unveiled."


‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider donuts, and spooky true crime documentaries. Most documentaries based on true crime can follow a typical trajectory - missing person on murder surrounded by mysterious and unexplained circumstances. Last Stop Larrimah stays true to this, but with more intrigue. The most fascinating element of this story is the location it takes place in - an extremely tiny Australian town, Larrimah. You’ve heard of small towns before, but you’ve never heard of Larrimah. The entire town is made up of only 11 residents, it is impossible to be invisible when everyone knows everyone and everything about you and your life. Small towns may have the most community, but they also have the most drama. 


The story is told in 5 parts through interviews, interjections from the filmmakers that create conversation, and candid moments with the characters that make up Larrimah. Paddy Moriarty, an Irishmen turned Australian and his dog, Kellie, suddenly go missing on December 16 2017. Slowly but surely the unraveling of rivialry and infighting and downright hatred of Paddy reveals itself from it’s neighbors, Fran, and her helper Owen. Fran is somewhat famous for her homemade pies, and brings many visitors into town to dine. Fran is not shy to say the least, and she openly discusses how she felt about Paddy and how they did not remotely get along. Speculation goes to everyone is town, though, and other residents are adamant that they don’t know where Paddy is, and they are hesitant to give their opinion on what happened. Paddy and Kellie’s sudden and unattributed disappearance bring media attention to Larrimah and the unique circumstances. 


Although It’s consistently interesting, overall the documentary is a bit too long, topping out at almost a full two hours. Instead this story may have benefited from being a short series and it could have created a bit more suspense. Almost 6 years have past and Paddy’s body has never been found, although it has been ruled a muder. No murder weapon has been recovered, either. However, you can bet that not everyone in the town is able to stay completely quiet about Paddy’s disappearance… although no one has been arrested for Paddy’s murder/disappearance, the final moments will have you pointing at the screen screaming, “there it is!”

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