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Director: Samuel Gonzalez Jr.

Writer: Samuel Gonzalez Jr. / Gigi Gustin [Story]
Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival '22

Genre: Horror

"Tammy Wright, a young woman with a case of cabin fever, takes a job as a phone sex operator to pass the time. But a strange caller has other intentions."


Nite Flirt is a dark, 1980s-inspired labyrinth of mystery that effortlessly blends the erotic thriller genre with suspense and just a dash of the paranormal. Bill Moseley shines as The Caller, while Gigi Gustin instantaneously entrances with her eerie nightmare.


Gustin’s Tammy Wright is the main attraction here, taking on the sole focus for the majority of the runtime. From her opening scene, dancing with inanimate objects in the kitchen, you can quickly tell something is a little off with the scenario taking place. Obsessed with endless television advertisements, until that’s suddenly withdrawn, Tammy decides to distract herself by becoming a phone sex operator - only to immediately get the wrong caller. 


Gustin draws the viewer in for the short time we have with her, leaving us both excited and horrified from the events taken place. Tammy is the perfect representation of an 80s “not-so” final girl: beauty, charm, and intrigue. If there’s one thing you’ll feel certain about after viewing Nite Flirt, it’s that we need more of Gustin in the future of horror. 


Bill Moseley, best known for his role as Otis in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, plays The Caller in the film. Doing what he does best, he maintains a creepy yet charming demeanor that can turn sour fast . Moseley delivers a top-notch performance from his first second to his last. 


Samuel Gonzalez Jr.’s Nite Flirt is an immersive horror experience that allows the audience to make their own conclusion of what is truly transpiring. It’s a beautifully crafted short that clings to you, leaving you wishing for more. 

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