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Release Date: 09/22/23 [Hulu]
Genre: Horror. SciFi. Thriller.

Studio: 20th Century Studios.

"An exiled anxiety-ridden homebody must battle an alien who's found its way into her home." 


No One Will Save You is a revitalization of the classic extraterrestrial phobias out there, bringing back the traditional style of being with a sinister twist. Kaitlyn Dever stars as an isolated individual, who’s only bit of excitement comes from the infrequent postal delivery; that is until she finds herself in the center of an alien invasion. 


The film is eerily dark and tense, but in all actuality it is so dark in most scenes that No One Will Save You almost begs to be watched in complete darkness. The title is a slow burn, which is a difficult thing to admit when after the initial twenty minutes the film never stops churning out the tension. When I say it’s a slow burn, Kaitlyn Dever’s Brynn spends a majority of her time creeping around avoiding the aliens until she has no other choice than to fight. This draws in the question of what the alien’s intentions are for this troubled individual - one that we are hinted at in a haunting tragedy in her past that caused her isolation from the world around her. 


Brian Duffield writes and directs here, pulling inspiration from his atmospheric Underwater in his writing, but in terms of his direction he had only previously helmed Spontaneous - a strange, dark romantic comedy about people spontaneously combusting. Oddly, a title surrounding aliens is a little less abstract than that, although No One Will Save You does leave off on a rather ambiguous note. Dever stuns in her choices, dawning on the persona of a loner reeling for a sense of survival amongst an almost conclusive doom - bringing about an almost final girl look amongst a film almost entirely to herself. 


Debuting on Hulu in the states, No One Will Save You will bring back nostalgic feelings of growing up afraid of an alien invasion after watching a film like Signs (a nod to that included within) or even Mars Attacks!. A terrific piece of sci-fi filmmaking allowing for the horror to flow through ours (the viewer) and the character’s veins, as the pressure to survive becomes exponentially more dire. While not breaking new ground, this film easily recaptures the hysteria brought surrounding tales and myths of aliens living amongst us. 


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