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Release: 07/14/23 [VOD] [Nightmares Film Festival '22]
Genre: Comedy. Horror.

Studio: MaddWolf Productions

"A teen out to prove herself to her dad stumbles into the world's most terrifying obstacle course." 


Hope Madden’s Obstacle Corpse is a bloody blast of a horror comedy, fully utilizing the environments at hand and making the most of the B-movie aesthetic. If there’s one thing to note before diving into this feature it's to accept that it's all in good fun: it’s entirely silly and that’s how you should go into the experience; firmly with the expectation that this is going to be a fun, whacky low budget thrill. 


What I love about the characters Madden has created is the way they all explore and expand upon their classic stereotypes. The film has its variety of archetypes and it can be chaotic at points keeping up with them all. A slight nod with a title graphic showcasing just who each of these characters are and their “role” to play would have been greatly appreciated to keep occasional twists straight. 


Among the array of talent, Donovan Riley Wolfington gives the true standout performance that elevates this B-movie to new heights. Every second Wolfington is on screen, you can’t wait to see the psychotic energy come out and the slaughter to begin. That’s not to say he’s the only reason to stick around, the entire cast appears to be giving their absolute all in this tongue and cheek massacre. 


Madden’s feature directorial debut, Obstacle Corpse is a joy from beginning to end. Revolving around a brilliant concept, that is fueled by a dynamic roster of unique characters and an onslaught of gruesome (obstacle related) deaths. Who would have guessed a brutal killing spree could bring on so much laughter?

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