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ONE WAY (2022)

Release Date: 09/02/22 [VOD/Cinemas]

Genre: Action/Thriller

Studio: Saban Films

"Freddy, a petty criminal, is on the run with a bag full of cash and coke. He's way over his head and hurt bad. With a bullet in his guts he's running out of time."


Are you ready for a wild ride? One Way has not one moment to spare, taking
you right into the action and maintaining that pace for the entire 95 minutes.
One Way begins with a cold open on a violent beating/torture scene, followed
quickly by the leading man running for his life. The rest of the film takes place on
a Greyhound bus, but don’t expect things to slow down.

Colson Baker (better known to some as Machine Gun Kelly) captured my interest
immediately and held it for the entire film. This dude can act! This is his first lead
without humor elements, as One Way is deadly serious throughout.

Baker did a tremendous job with his role as Freddy, a young man who has been
dealt some very bad cards and made some very poor choices, but who ultimately
wants and deserves a chance at redemption.

He more than held his own in scenes with heavy hitters like Kevin Bacon, who
was also excellent in one of the more despicable roles we’ve seen him play.
Drea Di Matteo is diabolical as the big, bad villain. She seemed to be holding a
grudge for the entire film which was true to her character, but I personally think
she’s also still salty about how things went down for Adriana in the Sopranos.
It’s worth noting that Colson Baker’s real-life daughter, Casie, has a small cameo
playing his character’s daughter in the film.

Camera work, lighting, acting and quick-cut editing in One Way combine to tell a
tale of young people who have made some pretty poor choices and ended up in
some very bad trouble.

Storm Reid continues to demonstrate star quality in every role she takes on.
Here, she shines as a presumed runaway who can appear several years younger
or older with just a change in facial expressions.

Travis Fammel is excellent as always. I’m consistently impressed with how he
can make add depth and interest to almost any character by making a good guy
seem like a bad guy, and vice versa.

Despite a limited set, with most of the movie taking place on a moving bus, the
actors make the most of the space. One Way has enough plot twists to keep
viewers intrigued and invested in the story.

I was pleasantly surprised by both Colson Baker and this entire film. If you are in
the mood for a dark noir thriller, this will fit the bill.

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