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Season One 

Aired On: Netflix

Release Date: 02/14/23
Game-Show. Reality-TV. Romance.

"Couples who prove their compatibility gain the power to make or break other matches in this strategic and seductive dating competition."


It’s all come to this: Netflix’s Perfect Match is the summation of every hit reality series on the service and has meticulously placed the most popular singles together to find their “perfect match.” The series is an absolute blast to get through and with many of these competitors being people that fans of shows like The Circle, Too Hot To Handle, The Mole, and Love is Blind will instantly gravitate toward. 


The show is about the drama, the sudden romances and most of all, the drama. Oh, did I say the drama twice? Yeah, that adds up. Perfect Match is not unlike other shows in this nature, with a group of attractive singles attempting to find their soulmate to continue on in the house and ultimately become declared as the “perfect match.” With plenty of shows centered around dating on the market, Perfect Match not only takes the favorites from your favorite shows, but also understands just how insane some of these rivalries and relationships will be when put against one another. 

The sole purpose of why I’m writing this coverage isn’t to spoil a single second of this series as it will be over before you know it and for once, the finale actually comes with a surprise, and it is fantastic! Perfect Match is a pleasurable series to run through and if you feel it’s hitting a lull, just remember how repetitive other shows like Are You The One? have become almost instantaneously, especially with how tame the daily competitions have become there versus how fun it can be here. It’s the best of all corners of the romantic Netflix world - if you love Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, The Circle or just dating competitions in general, Perfect Match is your perfect date night retreat.

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