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Movie Review

MPAA: Unrated
Release Date: 05/13/22 (In Cinemas)
Genre: Drama

Studio: NEON


"Bella Cherry arrives in Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an adult film star, but she soon learns that fame won't come easy as she harnesses her ambition and cunning to rise to the top of this mesmerizing and singular world."


You know the common saying “not for the faint of heart” in reference for something that may be intense, horrific, or heartless? Well, I think the saying that would best accompany Pleasure is “not for the prude”!


Pleasure really goes there, fearlessly if nothing else. The story follows Bella Cherry (Sofia Kappel) arriving in Los Angeles in present day, desiring to be an adult film star. The film really dives into every awkward, uncomfortable, sexy, disgusting, violent and victorious moment of the adult film industry. However, there is another side to the narrative that focuses on women empowerment, female friendships, and business life.


Strong, thoughtful, and committed performances make up the entire cast of characters that are fun to watch. You will find yourself fully invested in their life, whether it is a way of life you can personally relate to or not. Give this one an open-minded chance–it won't disappoint! 

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