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Release Date: 08/18/23 [Freevee]
Genre: Comedy.

Studio: Amazon Freevee.

"After a disastrous first date, Nicole and Max vow's to lose each other's numbers until their dogs find a love match. Hilariously mismatched Nicole and Max are forced to become responsible co-parents, but end up finding love themselves." 


Prime Video is actively expanding its content library, and this summer, a plethora of rom-coms is set to grace their platform. Following the triumphant release of Red, White, and Royal Blue, their latest romantic comedy, Puppy Love, is now available on Freevee. The movie stars Lucy Hale, renowned for her role in Pretty Little Liars, and Grant Gustin from Titans, adding to the anticipation.


Puppy Love delves into the classic opposites attract trope, heightened by the irresistible charm of canine companions. Notably co-produced by Buzzfeed Studios, viewers can expect a lower level of quality right from the start. While the film may suffer from lackluster writing and average acting, its uncomplicated format and mindlessly enjoyable nature offer a source of entertainment.


Setting appropriate expectations before delving into a film like this is crucial. If you're hoping for a rom-com that breaks genre boundaries akin to classics like When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail, you're likely to be disappointed. Puppy Love aligns more with the style of movies typically found on The Hallmark Channel, designed for undemanding viewing and not renowned for their exceptional writing. Nonetheless, there's an inexplicable allure that captivates us.


The writing in this film undeniably embraces clichés and unwavering predictability, yet it manages to provide sufficient support to the narrative. I must admit, the humor strikes a chord effortlessly, especially in a particular scene where Gustin's character attempts to purchase Plan-B for his dog at a pharmacy – a moment that had me in stitches.


An additional incentive to consider is the presence of Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin, which might appeal to their respective fan bases. While I've been exposed to their previous work, I wouldn't classify myself as a fervent admirer of either. Their portrayals fall within the range of what one might expect from cable-channel productions, mirroring their acting styles in the series for which they're renowned.


I must concede, however, that I found no objections in observing Grant Gustin's physique throughout the duration of the film. Particularly, there's a moment that harks back to the quintessential charm of rom-com classics, where he finds himself in a state of nudity – an exceedingly delightful scene to behold.


If you approach this film with an understanding of its inherent limitations, there's a high probability that you'll derive enjoyment from it – much like I did. Puppy Love seems to have found a well-suited niche within the Prime Video streaming collection. However, if you're seeking a rom-com with a touch more depth on the same platform, I would more enthusiastically steer you toward another recent release that involves a prince and a president's son.

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