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2024 Episodes.

Aired at Slamdance 2024.

"In the light of his estranged father's passing, Chase inherits an old storage unit that has the ability to fix anything that's been broken - except for him and his dysfunctional family."


Restorage was filmed as a pilot for a potential ongoing show. While there is certainly charm to the production, the short works better as a standalone. Perhaps if this was hailed as an adaptation of a Stephen King novella or even a Twilight Zone episode, Restorage delivers a zing of a twist. Trying to replicate this deus ex machina formula ep by ep – that of a storage unit that can fix items and possibly heal a family - would become blatantly repetitive.

Even if picked up by CBS.

Restorage stars three siblings: Lisa (Olivia Clari Nice), Robert (Jacob Daniels), and Chase (Connor Boyd). Each is bequeathed a portion of their recently-deceased father’s estate and holdings, save for burnout loser Chase, who only gets possession of his father’s storage unit. Something, he finds out, can magically restore items back to their original mint status.

Hilarity ensues.

Actually, there is a good deal of humor built into the show – mostly through Chase’s physicality as he falls, flops, and flummoxes his way around and through his sibs. The situational comedy, however, is not quite as strong, especially if creators E’an Verdugo and Caleb Davis seek to have this creation be compared with - and even go up against - modern day heavyweights like Ted Lasso and Shrinking.

Yet, the pilot to Restorage accomplishes its original goal: setting up a potentially longer story. Within, E’an Verdugo nicely establishes all three siblings, particularly Chase. Clichés abound, setups are exaggerated, magic is conjured. Yup, sounds like the perfect CBS sitcom.

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