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Genre: Horror.

Director: Kyle Perritt.

Actors: Madeleine McGraw, Jadon Cal, Jason Davis, Mary Emily Deal,

Revell Carpenter, Walker Trull.

Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival

"A young girl's brother returns from war with a most disturbing souvenir."


Kyle Perritt’s Robbie Ain’t Right No More is an intense horror film centering around a returned military man who’s been “wounded” during his time in service. Led with a captivating one-on-one conversation between a father and daughter discussing their newly returned family member, this talk is just as much for the pair to come to terms with the situation as it is an intriguing lead-in for this unusual film. 


Madeleine McGraw (The Black Phone) takes hold of the scenes she’s in with worry and dissatisfaction for the lack of reasoning behind her brother’s sudden change since he’s returned. Jadon Cal’s titular Robbie is compelling in his delivery, as he shares a tense nature to his actions and delirious presence. What at first seems like an extreme case of PTSD, soon is discovered to be much, much worse deep down inside Robbie. A majority of the short centers around a family dinner (a reunion for some at the table),  where tensions build beyond the introduction and Walker Trull’s Andy delivers a slimmer of comedic relief to ease the tension before it consumes the night. 


McGraw’s Sarah showcases a powerful motivation between younger and older siblings, especially one where a sibling leaves their home behind for the mysteries of the armed forces. McGraw’s worry seeps into the interactions between her and her brother, ultimately showcasing that his only care among his family is to keep his little sister out of harm's way from the darkness inside. Robbie certainly isn’t right anymore, and that’s wonderfully displayed with the fantastic performances by its leads and the sharp dread Perritt is able to pierce into our eyes as we witness the unthinkable. Beautifully dark, tense, and just the right amount of unanswered questions and possibilities left on the table; this feature will be a welcome nightmare for those that hope to see more. 

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