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Release Date: 06/28/23 [Sundance Film Festival '23
Genre: Horror. Thriller.

Studio: XYZ Films / Netflix

"Sarah Snook plays a fertility doctor who believes firmly in life and death, but after noticing the strange behavior of her young daughter, must challenge her own values and confront a ghost from her past." 


Run Rabbit Run is a sharply told psychological horror that wears out its welcome by the time the credits roll. From a dark beginning, fueled by the mystery of a mysterious rabbit showing up on the day of young Mia’s birthday to the very next day, having a paranormal nightmare begin. At times the film absorbs your attention, drawing you into the repetitive nature of the horror within and the irritating child that becomes obsessed with the idea that she no longer is who she was. 


The acting is a roller coaster as the film is primarily made up of scenes between lead Sarah Snook as Sarah and young Lily LaTorre as Mia. As the film begins with a stressed parent, hiding from her past after her father’s passing, things elevate to an entirely new level when things start happening with Mia’s mental state. The script is repetitive and sitting at 100 minutes, the same lines being taunted, screamed and proclaimed for the hundredth time certainly doesn’t draw a desire to watch to the close to see the climax. 


What the story holds for the viewer by the end is a haunting story that is layered with cliches and ultimately disappointment. While the acting is in sense fine for the material at hand, it’s the headache of repeated phrases and actions that cause this rather short runtime drag for far longer than it needed. Not to mention that when a story hinges so heavily on a mystery of whether a lead is possessed, having a mental breakdown or possibly something even more sinister - the final shot will infuriate many with its sudden decision.

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