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SHE IS LOVE (2023)

Release Date: 02/03/23 [Cinemas / VOD]
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Studio: Brainstorm Media

"Coming face-to-face after being estranged for over a decade, divorced couple, Idris and Patricia, opt to revisit the past and traverse that treacherous path together, emerging open to new beginnings." 


Shot on location in Cornwall, England, She is Love is visually quite beautiful and easy on the eyes. 


The camera clearly loves lead actress Haley Bennett; this film is either exquisitely lit and shot or her skin, hair and eyes are simply that gorgeous.


Lead actor Sam Riley also does a good job with his role, and Marisa Abela brings fun to her doomed character.


That said, director Jamie Adams’ improvisational style is a bit chaotic and some of the film’s messages leave much to be desired.


Look, I’m about as big a romantic as they come, but cheating is cheating. When exes Idris and Patricia meet up again by chance, I’m all for them reminiscing on good times or even excavating issues from their past. 


But do they have to do it naked in a tub in the home Idris shares with his current girlfriend Louise?


The film also glosses over the fact that Idris hasn’t had a drink in years, yet Patricia gleefully proclaims “I’ll have you drinking again in no time” and – spoiler alert – she’s right.


Those nitpicks aside, I did enjoy the film’s random dance scenes, drunken slow-motion bonding and seemingly unanswered questions (like what actually brought Patricia to England in the first place, which we never find out).


There is also surprising emotional depth to be found here. She is Love is believable and, aside from my few moral quibbles, has a lovely ending.

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