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Release Date: 02/10/23 [Prime Video]
Genre: Comedy/Romance

Studio: Amazon Studios

"On a trip to her hometown, workaholic Ally reminisces with her ex Sean and starts to question everything about the person she's become. Things only get more confusing when she meets Cassidy, who reminds her of the person she used to be." 


Dave Franco returns to the director chair with his second offering, this time leaving the horror behind for a romantic comedy and this is where he, alongside writing partner Alison Brie (Promising Young Woman) soar. With the writing finesse of Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, Win It All), Franco and Brie are a master of their craft here, taking a derivative premise and elevating it to a wonderfully personable level, all about the characters and the humor within their comradery. 


With immaculate chemistry between all key characters, Brie shares the screen with Community alumni Danny Pudi, Haley Joel Osment (Tusk), Jay Ellis (Top Gun: Maverick) and Kiersey Clemons (Hearts Beat aloud). The film isn’t attempting to be a fantasy, or an uncomfortable comedy, it’s simply about figuring out one’s self worth amongst their past ambitions. Occasional story beats will feel easy to predict, but it’s in the way the characters handle the moments that resembles something original. Somebody I Used to Know has an understanding of what it appears to be, with jokes referencing Wedding Crashers and My Best Friend’s Wedding to give it a nudge in the direction of self-awareness. From minute one, I was audibly laughing out loud at the humor and that never ceased, even in the more sincere moments, I couldn’t help from cracking a smile. 


While taking on an ambitious horror as his first feature in 2020, Franco’s path back into the world of comedy behind the scenes is cleared for miles ahead; Somebody I Used to Know will almost certainly be an instant romantic classic, perfect for the season of love. The film is comfortable in its writing, its actors' performances and lets the audience have an authentic relationship with these characters, as they move forward on their route to realizing their own value. 

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