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Genre: Animation. Horror.

Director: Nicole Daddona. Adam Wilder.

Cast: Sky Elobar. Kate Micucci. Ben Sinclair.

[Seen at SXSW Film Festival 2024]

"The disappearance of her sock at a local laundromat sends a fragile Rita over the edge. Hellbent on finding it, she searches deep and gets sucked into a washing machine, entering an otherworldly cycle from which she may never escape."


From the wild minds of Nicole Daddona and Adam Wilder comes the compellingly bizarre, The Bleacher. Its deliberate grisly animation is utilized to its benefit, creating a scarring experience. 


For an 8-minute short, this horrific creation is confounding in its execution - tight-roping a grimy reality and a no-holds barred nightmarescape. 


While unlocking the mystery of where do all the missing socks go during the laundry process, we are offered an even greater secret - all accompanied by an eerily catchy musical number. Held together by the terrific, yet terrifying performances of Kate Micucci and Ben Sinclair. 


If you get a bit of time to encounter the absurdity of The Bleacher, it’s a breezy nightmare that’ll shock and bewilder you through its animated narrative.

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