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Season 1 [Premiere]

Aired On: Tubi.

Release Date: 11/13/22 
Action. Drama. SciFi.

"Isabella Montoya is assigned the position of Watchman, a private detective who not only solves crimes, but distributes the punishment."


When it comes to Brett William Mauser’s The Knight Watchmen - streaming entirely on Tubi (as of November 2023), there’s a lot of potential laid out in the premiere of this sci-fi original. What’s most intriguing about the series thus far is its opening scene and its closing moments, being reminiscent of such films as 2020s Bloodshot, but leaving a grand mystery as to why the people doing what they’re doing are doing it. Surrounding these scenes is a lot of exposition yet not enough to fully grip the viewer into this world Mauser has created. 


It’s slow moving and with the initial episode nearing an hour in length, it takes a minute to fully invest oneself into the story. Once the ball gets rolling, these characters provide a mixed allure to the ongoing tale. Where the lead is lacking in this initial offering, I do enjoy the “Executioner” character and her psychotic methods. Its main story consists of picking a case to solve and then calling in the executioner to finish off the guilty - removing the proper method of jury and judge in this dystopian future. 


As was lighting touched on, this is an indie series that has a plethora of potential as it continues forward. It’s not as solid of storytelling as it could be and leaves a lot of room for improvement but with a self-funded project, this is a true marvel at what can be accomplished with a willingness to do so with a limited budget. Let’s hope for those that move forward with the series that they receive just as bombastic villains at the head of their cases as in this outing - I just want a little more to care for in the rather dull backstory of our lead.

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