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Release Date: 09/27/22 [Netflix/VOD]

Genre: Comedy/Family/Fantasy

Studio: Universal 1440 Entertainment

"Reboot of "The Munsters", that followed a family of monsters who moves from Transylvania to an American suburb."


When it was announced that Rob Zombie was making an adaptation of one of my favorite 1960s TV sitcoms, I was ELATED to say the least.


The Munsters as a movie is expected to be campy, which it is. The whole film is centered around when Lily and Herman met and how they got the house on Mockingbird Lane before the events of the show. Sounds really interesting right? Because it is. However, even with the sparkly Sheri Moon as Lily, that Herman used to be a punk rocker, and the cameo from Ms. Cassandra Peterson aka ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK HERSELF, it just didn’t land for me. I wanted so badly to like this movie that I watched it twice, to which I disliked it even more the second time (I know, I don’t get it either). The lines fell flat and the situational humor felt out of place. If anything, it feels like an SNL skit rather than paying homage, which I know was not the intent. 


Between the obnoxious tilted angles, the horrid line green lighting that sticks around way too long, and just the lack of story, it just felt off. There’s a gaudy film grain that looks awful with the coloring, making me wish they made it black and white if they wanted an old look. I did love the production design, especially the interiors of Grandpa’s castle. 


If you like the original show, I still think it’s worth checking out and seeing for yourself. In fact, if anything it’s made me want to do a full rewatch myself. I appreciate the different route Rob Zombie took with this, even if it didn’t win me over. I know there are tons of people who will adore it to bits. 

With all that being said: Life is real, life is earnest…if you’re cold, turn up the furnace! The Munsters is now streaming only on Netflix.

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