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Genre: Horror.

Director: Christopher Powers.

Actors: Nicholas Cutro. Lindsay Ames. Courtney Pauroso. 

Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival

"On his first day as an assistant night editor for a horror production company, Brian learns the hard way that not all found footage movies are fake."


The Night Editors is a short that examines the fascinating nature of found footage titles, while self-imposing an almost meta storytelling that is both frantic and exciting to think of what could be to come. The film is built upon its layers, with the opening taking place through a set of “found footage” tapes showcasing a ghostly image - a fantastic and eerie recreation of what can be expected from the now almost forgotten Paranormal Activity style films. I loved its simplicity and nostalgic beats of what I remember loving about those films. 


Then we transfer to the people editing the footage into content for their company - working the night shift. New to the job, Brian (Nicholas Cutro) is eager to watch a batch of new footage that has just been delivered, even though he’s been told it’s not to be opened till the morning. The short gets a little congested here, creating a really fascinating yet confusing paranormal reality. 


If you separate The Night Editors into its three act structure, the first is great, the second is immersive but the third loses a bit of steam. The third act dives head first into a sudden finale that is incredibly meta but also lacking closure. It’s a short that needs further discovery and time to fully appreciate everything director Christopher Powers has accomplished here. I’d be eager to see what a feature length version of this premise would have in store. 

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