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Release Date: 07/01/22 [HULU]

Genre: Action/Drama/Fantasy

Studio: Twentieth Century Studios

"When a strong-willed princess refuses to wed the cruel sociopath, she is kidnapped and locked in a remote tower of her father’s castle. With her vindictive suitor intent on taking her father’s throne, the princess must save the kingdom."


The Princess is delightfully unexpected, packing tons of nonstop action and dramatic fight scenes. 


There’s not much plot here, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat cheering for the Princess the entire length of the movie.


We were looking for something to watch and this one caught my eye because we like the lead actor, Joey King. She always delivers an intriguing and very watchable performance.


Little did we know, King is also a complete badass! From the very first scene, The Princess draws you into the action. In fact, there is zero dialogue for the first ten minutes or so. Practically the entire story is told through action rather than words.


I don’t remember enjoying fight choreography this much since the 2000 classic, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Princess isn’t quite as elegant, but Joey King certainly packs a punch.


I had many questions about the storyline, but each time I started to get bothered by it, the Princess would dispatch another couple of bad guys with malice and I would forget my complaints. 


The movie earns its R rating from non-stop violence and the hearty helping of “bad guy” deaths. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy fight movies and are a fan of girl power, you’ll find it entertaining.


And hopefully, the ending will serve as a teachable moment for dads and kings everywhere: if your daughter wants to learn to fight, let her. She might just end up saving you and your kingdom someday.

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