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Season 1 (Episodes 1 - 5)

Aired On: Max
Release Date: 07/15/22


"Nathan Fielder gives people a chance to rehearse for their own lives in a world where nothing never works out as expected."


Nathan for You is one of the most brilliant original concepts ever brought to television, and the genius behind that show, Nathan Fielder, is back years later with his newest bizarre effort, The Rehearsal.


The Rehearsal consists of six episodes (five of which I had the opportunity to see) set to air on HBO, with HBO MAX to follow. It explores the idea of having the bizarre opportunity to rehearse serious life events in an incredibly real setting until you were ready to actually tackle them. Fueled by Fielder’s dry, compromising delivery and humor, the show is yet another outrageous experiment with more follow-through from episode to episode.


Taking real people and cramming Nathan Fielder at the forefront, there’s a phenomenal awkward energy on the level of the original Borat. It’s a revolutionary show that is accompanied by a brilliant premise that nurtures it to its fullest potential. Fielder’s demeanor won’t work for everyone, and he even brings to attention how his energy makes people nervous in the opening minutes. With that being said, for the right few, The Rehearsal will instantly hit cult status.

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