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Release Date: 12/01/22 (SMODCASTLE FILM FESTIVAL)

Genre: Comedy/Thriller

Studio: Push Start Films

"On the surface, Daniel is a contentedly married, father of two, and assistant bank manager in a small Texas town. Behind literal closed doors, however, he deals with the stresses and boredom of his average life by indulging in delusions of vigilante justice. Employing mediocre workouts and harmful diets, he believes he's a hero as he enacts revenge on those who've crossed him, by way of petty vandalism. But his actions have new consequences when he is caught "dealing out justice" to the property of a desperate and corrupt government agent who will extort Daniel for all he's worth."


The Wrong Guy is yet another short from Alejandro Montoya Marin - an indie director that you need to seek out as soon as you're able. While maintaining the slick, fast paced style of Montoya Marin’s previous efforts, there seems to be something slightly missing this time around.


The dialogue is clever, yet it feels detached from the story itself - essentially the issue is mainly with the abundance of voiceover from our lead Daniel (John Kaler). Now let’s not go as far to say that any of the performances are flawed because they certainly aren’t. John Kaler and Kirk Fox do a tremendous job and relay a great deal of comedy through their performances. However, the fast nature of the film makes these characters in particular feel less effective in the short time we have with them - nonetheless the story being as quick as it is makes for a thrilling 20 minutes - if only the short could have harnessed the quick-witted dialogue a little more effectively.


Even so, The Wrong Guy is a high-speed comedic, thrill ride that needs only one explosion to make a bang. 

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