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THRUST! (2022)

Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival '22
Genre: Exploitation/Thriller

Studio: Tranzient Pictures

"Follows two lovers, Aloe and Vera living in a girl gang ruled dystopian society, on a quest to kill Dirtbag Mike."


There’s something so hypnotic about the insane and bizarre. With an absurd amount of language, nudity, and violence, Thrust! is an exploitation film in its purest form. 


In a world consisting of violent girl gangs, Aloe (Erin Brown) is our gorgeous heroine. Alongside her loving partner Vera (Allison Egan), the pair hunt down the villainous Dirtbag Mike to rid the Earth of ruthless men once and for all. Brown and Egan have immaculate chemistry together, and their companionship is infectious as they journey through the apocalyptic brush to meet their end goal of killing Dirtbag Mike. Thrust! is powerfully feminist, pursues a fascinating narrative, and allows a nearly all female cast to shine in this wild experience. 


Thrust! is wonderfully self aware of its faults, embracing the craziness that is soaked in blood, violence, and nudity. The film is fairly gross when it wants to be, especially a specific scene near the film’s finale; but don’t worry, because by that point you’ll become desensitized. Director Victor Bonacore knows how to utilize his decrepit surroundings that just so happen to be located in Dayton, Ohio. 


Bonacore’s Thrust! is many things: outrageous, provocative, unique, but most all one hell of an acid trip. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen, nor is it like anything you’ll ever see again - it’s an unbelievably inventive time at the cinema. 

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