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Director: Jenny Carchman.

Runtime: 93 minutes.
Release Date: 03/09/24 
[Festival Run] 

[Seen at SXSW 2024]

"In 2019, a middle-aged couple are subjected to cyberstalking and bizarre deliveries. As the harassment intensifies, the police and FBI close in on a Silicon Valley giant and some very unlikely suspects."


Whatever It Takes adopts a clear-cut approach, diving into the depths of eBay's controversial methods through detailed interviews and methodical storytelling. The film brings to light the disturbing motivations behind the company's aggressive cyberstalking, keeping the narrative sharply focused without complex cinematic distractions. This method ensures the audience remains engaged with the serious issues at hand, highlighting the alarming truths being revealed.


Under Jenny Carchman's direction, we navigate the intricate details behind eBay's intimidating tactics, uncovering not just the acts themselves but also the hidden motives driving them. This investigation challenges the image of tech giants, heightened by current debates over digital privacy. Through well-conducted interviews, the documentary lays bare eBay's strategies and their impact, providing a nuanced understanding that goes beyond surface-level analysis.


By deliberately understating its visual and auditory design, the documentary ensures that the ethical dilemmas and corporate overreach remain central to the viewer's experience. This minimalistic approach shifts all attention to the core messages of the film, fostering an environment conducive to reflection and understanding without the distraction of excessive stylistic elements.


In its revealing journey, Whatever It Takes doesn't just expose eBay's disconcerting strategies but also delves into the broader implications for companies in the digital era, highlighting the urgent need for ethical vigilance. The film encourages a crucial reevaluation of digital ethics and corporate conduct, subtly reminding us that in the pursuit of transparency and integrity, the full story often resides in the nuanced shadows cast by our modern technological landscape.

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