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Limited Series.

Release Date: 01/17/24 [Netflix] 

Studio: Netflix.

"After a harrowing home invasion and kidnapping in 2015, a couple is accused of staging the ordeal when the woman reappears in this true-crime docuseries."


A strange 2015 kidnapping that took place right in front of the nation’s eye is the subject of Netflix’s newest true crime docuseries American Nightmare.

Aaron Quinn wakes up one day to find his girlfriend, Diane Huskins, missing. After finding a threatening note not to contact authorities, he calls the police, only to be suspected of foul play and not believed in the slightest. Seems at first glance to be your typical true crime story. The title seems pretty simple, right? But as the facts roll out over its three episode run time, nightmare becomes oh so fitting of a description for this story.

As someone who was unaware of the case going into my viewing, I found the editing style, interview direction, and pacing kept things engaging throughout. It even had me riled up enough to start yelling at certain subjects when they were on screen. I think those who remember hearing about this case on the news will find an enlightening viewing experience in American Nightmare and the way we treat the real people who fall victim to these sorts of tragedies. And even if you’re not a true crime aficionado, it’s an important story told in a meaningful way that’s definitely worth a watch next time you’re scrolling down that endless wall of content.


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