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10-33 (2023)

Genre: Horror. Thriller.

Director: Alexander Maxim Seltzer.

Actors: Alison Louder. Andrew Chown. Hannah Galway. 

Seen at the Dark Red Film Festival

"Ava's quiet date night out at the cinema turns into a nightmare when she's trapped in a toilet stall during an active shooting attack. With only a thin door separating her from the gunman, she is forced to confront him and try to find a way to survive."


I was honestly quite taken off guard but 10-33. A bit viscerally upsetting, but ends up displaying thought provoking discussions about the very idea of survival itself; the weight of survival, the many of layers of and definitions of the term.


It's about a woman stuck in a bathroom stall in the midst of a mass shooting; a perhaps obvious display of "this is the actual biggest horror in America"(something I DO agree with) here, but sometimes, you have to be as blunt as a hammer to nail in your message. There's really great and effective imagery here, and the lead performance is the main source of the shorts visceral nature. 

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