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Genre: Comedy. Thriller.

Director: Rafael Toledo.

Actors: Enedson Gomes. Rute Vianna. Luiz Gomide Walther.

[Seen for Slamdance Film Festival 2024]

"Obsessed with the practical effects of classic cinema, an amateur director decides to orchestrate a real building explosion for his next film."


Blockbuster is an explosively-fun short that erupts with humor and a love of the movies.


Abel (Luiz Gomide Walther) is a filmmaker par excellence. And he narrates his love and skill of the craft directly to the viewer. Whether he is boiling a can of soup or, well, detonating a building, Abel has dedicated his life to his medium. You see, the spirit of movie making is all that matters in his life. Such a pursuit can, perhaps, be slightly detrimental, albeit extremely funny, to those mere mortals around him. 


Written and directed by newcomer Rafael Toledo, Blockbuster is certainly his love letter to films with Abel in the spotlight as (hopefully) an exaggeration of Toledo’s own desires. Toledo expertly uses many tricks of the trade for his short. His decisions for using super slo-mo as well as quick edits and even a ticking-clock countdown all work in unison for the benefit of the story - while no doubt doubling as a highlight reel. 

Blockbuster is a pleasure to watch and be enjoyed by any lover of the cinema. Seeing Toledo’s future work grow into upcoming blockbusters should hopefully be quite the bang.


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