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BODY (2023)

Genre: Comedy. Horror.

Director: Ronald Short.

Actors: Leila Annastasia Scott. Aaron G. Hale.

[Shown at the Dark Red Film Festival 2023]

"Jake swears he just saw one of his Halloween decorations move and, worst of all, neither he or his girlfriend, Dawn, know where the damned thing came from."


Certainly not a remake of the classic Stephen King novella, instead, Body is a horror/comedy about a possessed Halloween toy that wants a human body as its tricks-or-treats. This Body is a fun-sized snack that might run on the small side but is packed with flavor.


Jake (Aaron G. Hale) and Dawn (Leila Annastasia Scott) come face-to-face with a dancing “Monster Mash” reject that horrifically wants to possess one of them. And if one is possessed, what becomes of the other? Well, this is a horror short…


Writer/director Ronald Short creates his straightforward take on a Chucky vibe. A possessed item. A kooky song. Blood in the kitchen. Both quick and to the (knife) point. Short builds suspense in a simple do-it/don’t-do-it button push, too. Hale and Scott make a good couple even though their wide-eyed terror quickly becomes too exaggerated. The simple location smacks of everyday realism - even down to a cleverly-placed Obama/Biden fridge magnet. 


Ridiculous and fun, Body is over too soon and leaves you begging for more. Just like Halloween itself.

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