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BROOKLYN 45 (2023)

Release Date: 06/09/23 [Shudder]
Genre: Drama. History. Horror. 

Studio: Shudder

"Five military veterans, best friends since childhood, gather together to support their troubled host, and the metaphoric ghosts of their past become all-too-literal." 


Brooklyn 45 is a well crafted period piece with a stellar ensemble cast. There is a natural warmth and familiarity among the characters, which can be credited to their well written backstories and razor sharp performances. The movie takes place primarily in a small brownstone home in 1940s Brooklyn; this intimate setting makes for a film which often feels like a Broadway play. It relies heavily on dialogue, but the words are rich and effective in revealing characters’ unique and troubled histories.


Billed as a horror, Brooklyn 45 does not deliver many scares, but does provoke the audience to reflect on the horrors of war and how morality and human decency can take a backseat in the most dire of circumstances. The film is largely character driven and does not rely heavily on FX or jump scares, but when the movie does venture into more paranormal and gruesome elements, these moments are brief yet well executed with impressive special effects on a modest budget.

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