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Limited Series.

Aired On: Max.

Release Date: 04/18/24.
Documentary. Comedy.

"Follows Conan O'Brien as he visits new friends he made through his podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend (2018), and engages in in-depth discussions with viewers from all around the nation and the globe."


Contrary to the title, Conan O’Brien Must Go leaves the viewer wishing he would’ve stuck around a little longer. Premiering a 4 episode limited (for now…) series, Conan embarks on a variety of adventures in countries all over the world including: Norway, Argentina, Thailand and Ireland. The premise of the show is derived from a segment of his hit podcast where he speaks with fans via video call and connects with them, learning about their lives and where they’re from. The show serves as an expansion of this brief encounter, with a focus on comedy and actively pursuing a heedless effort of learning nothing of substance about his fans’ homelands. 

If you are a fan of Conan O’Brien, you will love this show. It treads familiar territory as Conan utilizes his pension for self deprecating humor and his knack for discovering interesting people anywhere he goes. Conan has a talent for highlighting others’ charming quirks for laughs, but never at their expense. 

Many segments are reminiscent of the remotes he has shot since his early days at Late Night. The familiar face of the Jordan Schlanzky appears, who has served simultaneously as the bane of Conan’s existence and his Muse, fueling the fire for Conan to deliver some of the best insult comedy since Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. 

I don’t want to spoil much, but many surprises await, including cameo appearances from Bono, a Pope, Lionel Messi, a lighthouse keeper and a rubber chicken salesman. We can debate the definition of ‘cameo’ later, but I promise they all come in to play one way or another. As a final note I’d like to commend the production value of this show. The crew went all out with this Max production, using drones to gather incredible scenic shots, while also using them in creative ways for comedic effect.  This is the most cinematic presentation of Conan I have seen. The impressive visual spectacle coupled with Conan’s trademark buffoonery and tomfoolery, makes for an easy binge watch around the world in 4 episodes. 


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