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Alright enough for the tips. The biggest suggestion I have is to do what Columbus in Zombieland once said: “Don't sweat the big stuff”. Have fun, don’t get frazzled – if you can’t get in a line, plan for the next day and have a blast the day of. Don’t forget to check out the movies across the street and most importantly for those wanting some insight into the films themselves they have fantastic panels with cast and crew throughout the entire weekend. HorrorHound Weekend may be an incredibly busy event but it's also one of the most fun – you are in a building with people that love the same great stuff you do and that’s what makes the experience all the more special.  


Another fantastic feature of the HorrorHound Weekend event is the recent addition of HorrorHound Rewind! If you happen to be stuck in a line to meet one of your designated guests and can’t make it in time for a panel - HorrorHound has you covered. While this Rewind event doesn’t transpire until a month after the original convention - you can be prepared for when it begins way ahead of time! Also HorrorHound Rewind provides you the opportunity as an attendee to see some of the shorts and features you may have missed during the hectic weekend. It’s a great concept that needs a little fine tuning but in future years - HorrorHound Rewind will be the perfect catch up on all the things you missed. 


HorrorHound Weekend is a twice a year event so be on the lookout for guest announcements in the near future for the September 9th - 11th show in Sharonville, OH. Bruce Campbell will be in attendance and that alone is “Groovy!’. 

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