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Release Date: 06/16/23 [Cinemas]
Genre: Animation. Adventure. Comedy. 

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar 

"Follows Ember and Wade, in a city where fire-, water-, land- and air-residents live together." 


Pixar has produced a movie nearly every year, since I was born. In a way, it feels like we’ve grown up together. As the most monumental animation studio of its time, Pixar has revolutionized the industry from The Incredibles to Inside Out and beyond. There’s also the one about the talking toys I can’t remember the name- it flew a bit under the radar as I recall... Anyways, Pixar has always outdone not only themselves, but the entire animation industry. After seeing their newest brain child Elemental, I was thoroughly pleased, but not blown away. It’s led me to ponder on the stagnation they’ve been on for a few years now.


Elemental follows Ember, a young adult fire-person who is en route to inherit her father’s shop once he retires. In order to keep the shop from falling apart after inadvertently bursting a water pipe, she befriends Wade, the local city inspector, to help her. They form a relationship, despite the fact that he is a water-person, and she’s not to be involved with anyone other than fire-people. It’s a tale as old as time, yet it still won me over. From Ember and Wade’s relationship, to Ember and her father’s relationship, I was a puddle. As Pixar’s first true rom-com, it feels fresh enough without jumping too far from that Disney flair.


Sure it’s not the most Pixar-esque film they’ve ever made. But for me it doesn’t have to be. I’m quite pleased that it’s not, to be honest. 


I actually could see this as a really solid date night flick. It definitely aims more at the pre-teen/young adult crowd rather than kids, but in true Pixar fashion, everyone will enjoy it. 

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