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IT AIN'T OVER (2023)

Release Date: 05/16/23 [Cinemas]

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

"The illustrious life and career of the baseball great, Yogi Berra."


It Ain’t Over follows the life of legendary baseball player/manager Yogi Berra. The documentary serves to commemorate a man whose storied baseball career was often overshadowed by his larger than life personality and oddball peculiarity compared to other, more ‘traditional’ baseball heroes. Yogi’s family, friends and colleagues unite in this documentary celebrating Yogi’s legacy in both baseball, and his charismatic and inspirational influence on people beyond the sport.


When I was younger, I was fortunate enough to meet the man himself in Cooperstown, NY. I recall him being warm, friendly and unassuming despite his status as a New York Yankee icon. This documentary gave me the opportunity to know Yogi Berra beyond this brief, pleasant encounter from my childhood. The doc is packed with Yogi’s famous sayings, dubbed ‘Yogisms,’ which are often humorous and baffling, but always motivating people toward deeper thought. A few of my favorites aside from the film’s namesake, include ’You can observe a lot by watching.’ and ‘When you come to a fork in the road … take it.’


It Ain’t Over effectively illustrates Yogi’s remarkable baseball statistics, his lifelong treatment as an underdog despite his massive success in baseball and never getting the full recognition he deserved. It is filled to the brim with love and admiration for a man who positively affected so many lives throughout his nine decades on earth. If you’re looking for a beacon of light and positivity to motivate you to be the best you can be, look no further than Yogi Berra in ‘It Ain’t Over.’ To paraphrase Yogi, ‘Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is watching this documentary.’

Michael Petrey (LEFT) / Yogi Berra (RIGHT)

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