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Genre: Horror.

Director: Sofie Somoroff.

Actors: Celina Bernstein. Anthony Richard Pagliaro. Sam H Clauder II. 

Seen at the Dark Red Film Festival

"RIDE BABY RIDE is a fresh and freaky horror short about a mechanic carving out her place in a world, and a car, that underestimates her."


Ride Baby Ride is a sensational possession feature that triggers the mind into reconsidering what they’ve just seen - was the haunting truly happening or a manifestation of the lead character’s mind. Brutal in its short run, the sound design and brilliant cinematography make the film all the more effective as we witness something incredibly wild transpire. 


Sofie Somoroff’s previous short Love is a Fire is a horrifying body horror that comparatively is similarly brutal in its execution, but much more sexual in nature. In Ride Baby Ride we have the body of a collector’s car quite literally harassing its new female owner - highlighting the gross intentions of its previous male ownership. The film leaves a bit open for interpretation and that’s okay as in the end what we’ve received is a bloody wicked time to think on. 

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