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SUGAR (2024)

Season One

Aired On: Apple TV+.

Release Date: 04/05/24.
Crime. Drama. Mystery.

"A Russian aristocrat is spared from death and placed on house arrest while the Bolshevik Revolution plays out before him."


In the city of Angels, many flock there to make a new life and make their dreams come true; to shine among the stars, or to prowl among the streets, many find their purpose somewhere in the vast scope of Los Angeles. For John Sugar, that purpose is to find the missing; the ones who can’t be found or find their way back. So as Hollywood royalty goes missing, the capital-C Cinephile Private Investigator must venture through the city for clues that reveal something much bigger than him. Created by Writer Mark Protosevich, Sugar takes the viewer on a wild and gripping mystery as Colin Ferrell carries the series with enough swagger and charisma to get almost anyone sick with John Sugar fever. 


City of God director Fernando Merielles also joins the creative team directing most of this season’s episodes and he excellently pulls from the film noir landmarks that shape the character of John Sugar - a man just as mysterious as other cinematic P.I.s such as Jake Gittes or Sam Spade - maybe even more mysterious than them, Colin Ferrell is just absolutely electric as our title character who is just so charismatic, alluring and puzzling. However you also have a stacked supporting cast such as James Cromwell, Amy Ryan, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Anna Gunn who bring on incredibly fascinating characters that compliment Sugar’s journey through the city of Angels.


There are two types of mysteries happening simultaneously in Sugar. One Sugar embarks on himself searching for the missing granddaughter of a prolific producer, and another that is the mystery of John Sugar himself. We get what drives the man, however there’s more under the skin that he lead’s on. Something in the way that he looks at things, or something in the way that he fights; it’s incredibly peculiar, and maybe even tied to Sugar’s own investigation in some way.

Sugar comes out as one of Apple TV+’s new exciting projects with an electric and unforgettable first season. Following his Oscar nomination, Colin Ferrell is entering an incredibly endearing route in his career with roles that showcases some of his greatest strengths as a performer, and possibly shooting him up as one of today’s best actors, and Sugar is a role that fits him like a glove. Although my John Sugar fever has subsided for now, I hope Apple TV will soon feed me a giant lump of Sugar to get that rush all over again.

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