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Genre: Drama.

Director: Simone Smith.

Actors: Fiona O'Shaughnessy. Stephen McMillan. Mirren Mack.

Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival

"A road trip pushes a dysfunctional family to the brink after their journey descends into a claustrophobic hallucinatory nightmare."


The Möbius Trip is an anxiety induced family trip to a wedding down an endless road. The energy is chaotic from the very jump but as the title progresses and the characters collapse onto one another, the anxiousness of the situation sets in. Drug induced, stress induced and everything else that could possibly go wrong on a seemingly endless road trip to a destination that never arrives, the film is almost diabolical in its execution. 


Beautifully captured, as the filmmaker allows for the insanity to loom over you before fully encompassing your nerves. It’s a film that isn’t meant to have a single meaning, it's allowed to be open for interpretation with its odd nature and that allows each and every audience member to come out of it with something remarkable. 


There’s much to admire through the chaos the dialogue brings and the erratic filmmaking that just allows for every viewer to fully appreciate just how mental this particular family is… especially when together locked inside a car traveling down an infinite road to nowhere. 

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