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Season 1

Aired On: Prime Video.

Release Date: 09/15/23
Drama. Thriller.

"Follows a twisted love story, where a "happily-ever-after" life quickly turns into a living nightmare."


The first episode of Wilderness was not my cup of tea. It steeped itself far too long in redundant and cliché marriage-gone-awry turned revenge hijinks. 

The pilot introduces a simple premise: A married woman puts her career on hold for her ideal husband, who turns out to be more sleazy than dreamy. She spends most of the episode fantasizing about how she will enact revenge on her significantly deceitful other by murdering him in various staged ‘accidents’ during a pre-meditated romantic getaway. However, she can’t help but cling on to her marriage in hopes that all can be forgiven and the two can continue to live out the lie of their ‘happily ever after’ fairy tale. 

The performances are solid from the two leads: Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Coleman is believable as a scorned wife in her scenes confronting her husband about his affair. Unfortunately her character development relies heavily on narration through her inner thoughts, a la Gone Girl or Dexter, but is not nearly as gripping or affective as the latter examples. Jackson-Cohen makes it easy to loathe his character from the start, but also showcases a moment near the end of the episode revealing insight into his past childhood trauma and abusive father, that may have helped pave the way for his reckless behavior in his marriage.

The Wilderness premiere failed to intrigue me enough to continue beyond the pilot, although admittedly I am likely not the target audience the show is aiming for. Venture into Wilderness at your own risk, but consider yourself forewarned. 

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