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Release Date: 03/09/24 [Festival Run]
Genre: Comedy. Drama.

[Seen at SXSW Film Festival 2024]

"A subversive romantic comedy gone wrong that follows a young woman into and out of an emotionally abusive relationship." 


Cazzie David and Elisa Kalani’s co-directorial debut I Love you Forever skillfully walks a tightrope between romcom hijinks and emotional abuse and manipulation within a young, modern day relationship. The script’s humor is sharp, witty, and packed with clever dialogue.


Sofia Black-D'Elia shines as a likable 20-something, Mackenzie, in search of a meaningful romantic relationship in a sea of F-boy piranhas. When she meets a charming and handsome guy she believes her fortunes have changed, but like most things this new relationship proves too good to be true. It quickly sours and devolves into a controlling, manipulative relationship, highlighting the worst in emotional abuse, gaslighting and a black hole-like draw pulling its victim closer to a poisonous person they’ve grown to love. 

The film excels in both comedy and drama, through its natural, realistic dialogue writing that is perfectly delivered by its characters. The film earned a wide range of reactions from me including smiles and laughter, as well as unsettling cringes and despair felt for what the main character is subjected to from her partner. 

Jon Rudnitsky plays supportive friend Lucas, a much needed comic relief between heavier scenes. Cazzie David also stars in her film as a supportive friend, whose support is sometimes clouded by her self obsession and preservation. All 3 of the actors are believable friends with natural chemistry and it feels like you’re a member of their friend group while you’re watching the movie. Ray Nicholson plays Finn, the antagonist and abusive boyfriend of Mackenzie who showcases the different levels of emotional abuse, subtle at first, and later more pronounced with verbal degradation and one-sided shout matches. Finn is teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown, overtaken by his own insecurities and possessive tendencies and taking out his rage and frustration on his unsuspecting girlfriend.

I Love You Forever delivers both laughs and relatable heartache that is the perfect balance of comedy and drama that showcases the hidden dangers of dating and relationships in the millennialist age.

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