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HorrorHound Weekend March 2022 – Cincinnati (Sharonville Convention Center)


HorrorHound is a tradition that myself and my father have every year. Residing in the Dayton, Ohio area, HorrorHound Weekend is practically in our backyard, per se. So with it so close every March and for the next couple events being in the Cincinnati area – myself and my father can’t help but rejoice to have such an incredible experience only a half hour away. 


HorrorHound, if you are unaware, is a Horror centric brand that specializes in making a semi regular magazine that speaks of everything horror – film, television, haunts or toys – HorrorHound is on it. If you’ve ever wanted Entertainment Weekly to be just about horror, HorrorHound will most certainly be your cup of tea. 


One of the many thrills of going to the convention is the likelihood of seeing numerous of your favorite horror actors, actresses, makeup artists and directors. While the meet and greets (including photos and autographs) may come at an extra charge, don’t be afraid to just come say hello to some of your favorite stars. Typically even if you’re not paying for the autograph or photo op, the celebrities will appreciate a quick nod to your love of their hard work. 


Hosted at the Sharonville Convention Center for yet another year – it’s familiar territory for those who have gone in previously, but for newcomers it might be a little challenging at first to figure out the process. However, like most things, if you take the time to learn your experience will be more than worth it. This is particularly the case with the bigger talent present – make sure to utilize the map online and in physical form at the convention to know exactly where to go for who you want to meet. Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize. If you hold off till the last minute the line might be cut off and your chance might slip through your fingers – this is one of the reasons to make sure to get there at the start of the convention or earlier if you purchase the early access passes. 


Weekend passes are your friend. While hotels may be the tricky part of the equation, if you’re from the area then a weekend pass is the way to go. The more time you have to get what you want to get done, the better your overall experience will be. This is factual for almost any convention but for something like HorrorHound for those that love the genre, it's all the more crucial.

Here’s the ideal way to plan out your HorrorHound Weekend: 


  1. Browse the guests and films playing to make the decision of what you want to prioritize.

  2. Bring cash. Credit cards are not a thing for a majority of the vendors and extra curriculars within the convention so make sure to hit the ATM before you get to the show.

  3. If you can get a celebrity on Friday then do it! Saturday and Sunday are going to be incredibly busy and even if a line seems long on Friday take the leap and get them while you can. There’s been a few times in recent years (including this one) where I regretted not getting who I wanted on Friday. 

  4. Browse the vendor room on Friday. You have the option to  wait to buy till Saturday or Sunday but things can get wild over the weekend so if you see a collectible, piece of art or shirt you want – get it while you can. 

  5. Saturday is going to be busy – it’s going to be crammed, so be aware of your environment. 

  6. Friday & Saturday typically have the best films screening so make sure to check out them if you get a chance. Lots of new artists and indie films worth checking out for any horror fanatic. 

  7. Make sure to check your HorrorHound guidebook when you get there to account for all the fantastic panels in the day and plan accordingly. The line for the Scream panel this year was a  full two hours ahead of the actual panel – that’s a dedicated fanbase right there. 

  8. If you get a hankering for some food, the basement has a great assortment of food truck like vendors that can fill you up. 

  9. While I have yet to participate in a photo op, they are hosted downstairs and require good timing to make sure you get there for them. If you have a photo op early in the day try not to get in line for the biggest celebrity there unless you’re okay with losing your photo with whoever you preordered for. Keep in mind that while photo ops are a premium – they do offer a one on one quick photo session with a celebrity of your choice. Some of the killers from your favorite slashers might even show up in costume.

Alright enough for the tips. The biggest suggestion I have is to do what Columbus in Zombieland once said: “Don't sweat the big stuff”. Have fun, don’t get frazzled – if you can’t get in a line, plan for the next day and have a blast the day of. Don’t forget to check out the movies across the street and most importantly for those wanting some insight into the films themselves they have fantastic panels with cast and crew throughout the entire weekend. HorrorHound Weekend may be an incredibly busy event but it's also one of the most fun – you are in a building with people that love the same great stuff you do and that’s what makes the experience all the more special.  


Another fantastic feature of the HorrorHound Weekend event is the recent addition of HorrorHound Rewind! If you happen to be stuck in a line to meet one of your designated guests and can’t make it in time for a panel - HorrorHound has you covered. While this Rewind event doesn’t transpire until a month after the original convention - you can be prepared for when it begins way ahead of time! Also HorrorHound Rewind provides you the opportunity as an attendee to see some of the shorts and features you may have missed during the hectic weekend. It’s a great concept that needs a little fine tuning but in future years - HorrorHound Rewind will be the perfect catch up on all the things you missed. 


HorrorHound Weekend is a twice a year event so be on the lookout for guest announcements in the near future for the September 9th - 11th show in Sharonville, OH. Bruce Campbell will be in attendance and that alone is “Groovy!’. 

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