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Season One 

Aired On: Apple TV+

Release Date: 05/24/23
Comedy. Romance.

"Former childhood best friends reconnect as adults and try to get past the rift that led to their falling out."


Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen reunite for the first time since 2017’s Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising in Apple TV+’s Platonic. Those who were drawn in by the pair’s comedic timing and chemistry in those features, will be delighted to see them return to their element. Platonic may not have the consistent wit that Nicholas Stoller’s more notable projects were able to bring, but the extended allotted time with these new characters allows more heart to reveal itself within the show.


Platonic is an emotional roller coaster that reflects on the harsh reality of an adult friendship, allowing writing partners Francesca Delbanco and Stoller to have the best of both worlds creatively. The two had previously co-created Friends from College which ran from 2017 to 2019; Stoller is able to bring his immature sense of humor, while Delbanco offers a more mature embrace of realism. 


A show about adults finding the best way to “grow up” – dealing with a longing for the past and finding a way to move forward to the next stage in life may not seem like the most original concept. However, while focusing almost exclusively on the duo and several around them, the series can at times be emotionally riveting, at others be remarkably funny and at the best of times, Platonic is a comfort to watch, as the two (Rogen and Byrne) reconnect after years apart. 


While unclear if the series will be continuing on or if this is the end of its limited run, the show comes to a fitting, albeit rushed conclusion. When sharing the screen, Rogen and Byrne are absolute comedic dynamite and watching this friendship blossom through their reconnection makes for some brilliantly crafted drama, heartbreak, awkward situations and right at the center - a story fueled by the platonic heart of the characters.

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