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SHE WILL (2022)

Release Date: 07/12/22 [Select Cinemas / VOD]

Genre: Thriller

Studio: IFC Midnight

"The film explores the story of Veronica Ghent (Alice Krige) who after a double mastectomy, goes to a healing retreat in rural Scotland with her young nurse Desi (Kota Eberhardt). She discovers that the process of such surgery opens up questions about her very existence, leading her to start to question and confront past traumas."


She Will is a genre-bending horror-psychological thriller that flirts with many hot-button themes; ones such as aging, femininity, sexuality, and power dynamics in relationships.


That said, the film is beautifully shot, but confusing to follow – and the likes of big screen legends such as Malcolm McDowell and Rupert Everett are sadly wasted with an underdeveloped backstory. Alice Kriege is intoxicating to watch, and Koda Eberhardt holds her own in the role of a young caretaker who finds herself in a fish-out-of-water scenario. 


The film starts out with promise and actually circles something pretty profound, but gets muddled in its attempt to make a meaningful statement. A major second-act slump erases any hope for a satisfying conclusion.

See She Will for the cinematography and some decent performances, but don’t expect to take much away from it other than that.

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