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VICTIM NO. 6 (2022)

Festival: Nightmares Film Festival '22

Genre: Thriller.

Studio: Black Dog Pictures. SOS Productions.

Via Mantra Productions.

"In 1975 New York City, a fun-loving woman out at her local bar invites a handsome stranger back to her place, despite knowing there's a serial killer at large."


Victim No. 6 is a 22-minute thriller that treats every second with a purpose until the credits begin to roll. With a minimal budget, the drawbacks may be noticed within aspects of the technical side of things, but you can clearly see the craftsmanship in the creation writer/director Nancy Menagh has established here, through the recreation of a 1970s grim atmosphere that beautifully accompanies an engaging cast of characters. 


Led by actor Heather Brittain, who dives into the role of a “fun-loving” woman who happens to take a random man home from the bar, even though as the premise alerts us, a serial killer is on the loose. Brittain delivers, as a woman who from the audience’s perspective is being naive in a nonsensical time to be doing so. The mysterious nature of the bar patrons who surround Brittain’s Donna, makes for a tense atmosphere that appears to only have one exit. Victim No. 6 is devilishly told with a killer sense of deception, one that is fueled by its shocking turn. 


As a short, Victim No. 6 understands its existence and showcases what a promising feature this could produce with more financial support behind the scenes. Brought together with its simplicity, not overcomplicating things, the turn the film produces is nevertheless a shocking finale that leads the audience to ultimately see where this story goes from here. 

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